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    released on Quone City Press - 2013

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It is a multitudinous array of millennial hindsight.
It is a thought-provoking babblethon of words, ideas, images, and thoughts of past and present.
It contains plenty of hypocrisy, laziness, sarcasm, passion, bitterness, appreciation, technologically flattened affect and defiance.
In other words, Reality without the TV.


released June 6, 2013

MCs (in order of appearance): A DEAD FOX & RIFF QUANTUM



all rights reserved


STATIC BROTHERS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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can’t erase the primate from my face/ strap me down, rapid frown, blast me into space/
one way ticket to the essence of the mammal/ touched the softest nerve beneath beneath cracked enamel/ painted surface tried to hide the truest glimpse easily enough to see the one degree off of the chimps/ fluent stupid attempts to lift knuckle drag/ in a room with beds for walls hugged by a buckle bag/ expect to see a face in the moon/ lunar halo crescent canonize the sacred baboon/ that ass must’ve took a seat on your smashed face/
“Think you’re holdin’ weight? Did you forget the Apes?”/ this, The Planet dot dot/ saw a banana peel off in your grill within the inkblots/ copped a Mandelbrot Chandelier clear to the origin/ and watched the monkeys start pouring in/ ignorant folk shrug me off as playin’/ why the fuck we lost our tails? I’m just Saiyan/ from Kakarot to Camelot bipedal mankind’s a damn fine laughing stock

rocket engines burning fuel so fast/ across vast distances greatness precedes all differences/ step through different existences on multiple instances/ believe the term is Omnipotent/ ancient mammals strangle concepts orangutangible/ pea-brains shaking bare butts to bass drops/ primal rage when the case hits the wall/ calling me a hater?/ untrained fists of fury, ground and pound haze/ wax on/wax off/ DM slice wax with razorblades/keep safe the veins of our caged companions/ each fate determined by actions/ clean slates defaced with scrawled insignias/ all-universe moondoggie, haven't you heard?/taking over attention spans one at a time/ Static a dynamic total control system override/
strayed from the herd surpass paths of exodus/ dreams gutted like the Aggro Crag got the best of us/ shapeshifting faces light years ahead of the curve so no one's heard of me/verbally perform surgeries and then I eat the brains chilled

It’s rather scrumptious. I prefer the smaller specimens but, simply, any over-saturated medium sponge will do nicely.
war whooping/ chest boom/ fist/ any offering less than this primal plumage from a raptor is dismissed/ tore through the crux of your history/ my claws got stuck in your ancestor’s gore crush bone and splintering / Advance! Attack! Engage! / battle rage the frayed light that shines between slits inside this bamboo cage/ Escape! Escape!/ ran towards the rank scent of dead ranks felled beside the essence of my blade/ to find life’s lust spayed/ would end in tufts of unraveled scalp and rough necks filleted/ self-image on a roasting spit/self-described derelict/ delighted at the slightest outcry from the inflicted/vicious is vigor/don’t even need a trigger/ gouge out your cross-haired scopes with simple fingers/
thumbpush eyeball explode/a dead fox has no use for sight/ don’t deny you hear the tongue when it’s exposed/ Inside voices shout,
“I’ve been here since dawn and waiting this day’s too long time to get the fuck out!”/return the shelling/ ‘til neither friend of foe shown can discern dust from wellspring (blow it all to hell)/ barely amazed/ the savage is suppressed and every bloody field is razed and paved/ what the fuck am I supposed to hunt, every last daughter and mother cunt accessorizes on the battlefront?/ flash cooked fast consume/ blasted tomb, writhing live-wires bloom/ ignite clouds and mushrooms and/ I/just/ love it/ walking beneath the long arm of the law while it reaches me from above it/ grabbing my balls kinking the hose; potential potency to undermine homogenized enterprises on doping sprees

aftershock/ shellacked white flag wave paradox/ Manhattan Project light change the colors of camouflage/ Today’s news, tempers through the roof/ talking heads walking dead thinking caps ain’t bulletproof/ membranes maimed (broke) by bayonet deepthroat/
napalm spray ignite shotgun barrel weed smoke/ my major malfunction nothingness to morality/ all out the window on some “that's the bad guy” technicality/ shitrolls downhill grunt bloodstain the sand/ P.O.Dub shackled up by the chain of command/ stand on front lines with “yo bro shoot em up action guys”/and have every DJ in freedom country sampling the battle cries/ who’s the mastermind that signed off on operation “never stopped to think”/ that swords got the power once the mighty pen runs out of ink/ think tanks implode/ siege mode/ hunt human season/ security breaching, creeping, file deleting/ HIGH TREASON/ bite the bullet/ prosthetic face defy the cold clutch of speaking/ whiskey bottle crutch to become invisible/ haunted by visuals of past life getting back at you out of principal/ warlord of sorts forcible entry cortex/ the eyes of a dead fox twisting necks with vortexes/ from a hymnal at the foot of the nexus, it goes

Bow before the unwashed godhead obelisk
Find the highest order and topple it
From the apex, Predator
Prodigal from the apex
Prodigal apex predator
gasoline precipitate with tonsil torch to burn ‘em/ learned him to a hollow crust; vermin in his sternum/ rib to rat cage syndicate/ ash trapped in last phase of visceral disintegrate (No guts) illuminate graphics like graff-kids/ dissect my rhyme specs; find out what math is/ conquering the divine divide, blind men hide/ when they see mega mouth missiles I guide/ steady algorithms minus “algo”/ rhythm feedin’ ya dog, like Alpo/ subliminal works like Clock-O/ gave her the old, in-out, in-out flow right right/ no yarbles, I lost marbles and birthed murderous kids with armfuls of farm tools/ harm fools; collateral happens/ karma pools got sinking pharmaceuticals gasping/ belief pattern shattering/ a dead fox exposed the world flattening/ I’ve got half of a mind to take half of yours/ IQs get bruised when I settle scores/ wars spread metal spores let ‘em fall
to floors; forge walls mortar made of martyred “Mi Amors”/ habitat for inhumanity/ a cold sphere holds me here: ice veneer

most monstrous on the roster its, not proposterous/ riff survived more than one apocalypse/ prosperous, hostage’s decree “need the green”/ Soul overdrive tombed inside a pyramid scheme/ constructed to align with stars/ oil spill blacklung cig flick, charred/ big stick policies bash Mr. Rogers/ me myself and I are all draft dodgers/ not cause I is shook/ eye for an eye left me and myself unable to look/ I can’t see
what does true combat prove? every voice in your head is laughin at you
Riff (Fox):
human android lost in space/(navigate dimensions)... /my only escape/sometimes floating (sometimes jet propulsion)/mind steadily declining (soul slowly eroding)/ body crumpling from the pressure of the numb percent saying (YOU can make it)/ as long as I fuck with them/ living by who's definition of success (supposed to be something like I'm already not something)/ supposed to pay bills( and stay ill)/ simultaneous/ answers clear as day but I couldn't see through the haziness/ (run with mugshots til my heart stops?)/ nah, a fresh pair of cement kicks wont collect much props/ lost follower, deadbeat drone

Fox (Riff):
damn I turned the sun into an 8-ball/ shake that shit, Riff (Shut up, I fucking hate ya’ll this instant)/ hangover clang sober pots n’ panhandling(‘turn off alarm clock skill set is damaging)/ clairvoyant stare buoyancy (inside the toilet see)/ future me/ shit on the decision to pay royalties (fuck that - VOMIT - empty the tank)/ like my bank account
(guess I got myself to thank)/ and something to hang about/ grim life, (black breath)/ lung sputter (fun death)/ gutterbound Ichabod (Craning my neck to get)/ a good view of the last one without guardrail obstruction/ (man I gotta pay to see Mother Nature titty clutching?)
Track Name: ROBOBIBLE Redux
“There’s a hole in your life, a perforation in the breathable mesh microfiber flesh edging on deep concern for the constant burn of regret”
“Automate your industry, the good Lord Enterprise advised ‘Comfort within symmetry, organization begets divinity’”
“Infinity strive toward projected goals enroll yourself discard your soul a tightened grip when you heighten (bank and roll)”
“Contraband like planned parenthood can’t withstand the envious guts of Man; he can’t handle the unborn but brandishes damage command, iron backhand”
“Teach a man to fish and what’s there to buy? We supply millions with red herring entrapment; cleared throat protest denied.”

the casket closed indefinitely hiding behind it the eyes that left orbit in rest/ exposed the wooden insides several dark inches above the breast/ within the context of the given prose you could propose no contest/ when rotting alone the overages manifest/ sown were the grown intentions to germinate celestial reaching vestiges but leaf and stem show holes from swollen pests (decomposed)/ thugs with legalized drugs snug as bugs in rugs as the old adage seems so sadly to suggest/ I washed my tongue, yes, I watched my tongue only to cross my eyes so hard it meshed wrong and right with right and left

Robobible (Redux)/ Robobile (Reflux)
Amnesia vomit Ridely Scott and blood spill hull destruct

Let it begin/ Percolate/ Damn haters/ Get your weight up/ Doesn’t matter what we’re saying/ You don’t have to wake up

mind control hit you twice as hard as dark archon/ endless jargon give homophobic rappers hard-ons/ suspected targets, you are expected to sustain regardless/ stagnate making strides/ bounce off theory arguments/ skewed world views prove no excuse for poor response/ but wait/ style over substance: goldrush-hype disintegrate/ I've seen this all before/ disloyal forty lashes/ questioning who you are/ esophagus gasp attempt shock value in the gigawatts/ snicklefritz smoke idiots pop bottles outside the riddle box/
poindexters type out flaws til it scorch the motherboard/ Static Bruvs outstep the rapture til platinum for Southern Lord/ all my demons cackle at those one note mopes/ exposing slowpokes skitching' torrents by the boatload (that ship has sailed man)
holy hell/ big cats sipping the grail/ star sailing with no God as my soul witness/ Tiger Astronaut, Space Panther holding the game throat sag entrails and tails/ the whole business

laid back introspect/ solar flare direct exposure swear I feel the disconnect (plug puller)/ stars are grains of sand almighty desert Alpha centuries of heated eons within dark spectrum entities/ galactic jungle cats drift the outer reaches of existence steady listening to distant planet transmissions/ ears to the atmospheres, nose for the stink of prey/ radar jammer programmer scanning damaging gamma rays/ frail verses and beat/sample recyclables made famous for getting paid to be terribly likeable/ freeze fast as light speed ripped off your helmet/ negative 400 degrees best believe the opposite of melted/
shatter-brained liquid nitro glycerin Terminator 2 bath/ dumped your fragments in a black hole and blasted off on blast/ Omega Dolphin scratching to the buttonmash like fucking up your best character Brother, Super Smash/ enemies dream in muted primal scream terror lucid/ electrifying fright downed spine lines (get scare-ocuted)/ spacecruiser coated platinum four times through like Paranoid/ ya’ll are droids “We are not!” “R-2”

before you know it the sun is rising again/ Solar Barbarian, Liger Aquarian/ yawning yapping galactic flash camera extravagant/ PH balance, acid on basic cats/ all traveling hap hazardous the black nazareth shed belief might breach the labyrinth/ encounter self proclaimed Space G.O.A.T.'s/ went apeshit/ vagrant Omega Dolphin drive the spaceship right over ‘em/ on the comet trail dark winter barren dragnet/ cracked the wormhole portal code biting down on a stag's head/ me and my man Panther cold lamp to control panels/ psychic waves looking for dead beats to soul channel/ interference/ moon militias looking for clearance/ landing gear roof of HQ/ fearless/ deep space battlescars, dawn the torture I endure/ act of valor badge predator/ peace to my creditors/ please to my editors you'll never take me alive/ Big Cat Galactic ‘til the night that I die/ Mice of Ceremonies trappers/ best occupation rooting out rodents run and hide behind constellations
clear dust from the USB/ direct connection to the brain/ downloading the drug usually takes fifteen minutes: administer to mainframe/ flash drive prongs driven to the synapse/ hot wire neurons burn word to skin graft/ syntax blocker shocking pic distro/ my clock cleaned orange: Technique, Ludovico/ black bars dart across vision/ my eyes are computer screens being recorded/ gleam/knife/edge/ salivate incisions/ in a sentence, mention me get aborted/ short circuit breaker breaker CB chatterbox/ scatter the data til what happens in my dreams matters/ (dead fox) / take advantage of the zombie phase/number one like I Derrick Rose up from the grave/ Interface fiend chained to domain/mainline binary code (dope to cocaine)/ programmer’s delight, web host to parasite/ got 10,000 volts when all I asked for was a light/ cables ‘round necks near tight as death wish/ autoerotic cyborg tech support fetish/ blank stare singularity protocol/ as the last red canister got swallowed by the firewall

variables determine the next outcome/ 0's and 1's flood my lungs/ program the function, half-assed the basics/ cut corners cause shrapnel/ propelled vast into portals of energy/ data trees fan propeller blade chop extremities/ operate at a loss? you kidding me?/ dilute the solvent to dilate the remedy/ no holds barred, space brawler daughters/ debate hacks like rat packs tripping face (the tracks are laced) coma inducing caught at the shoestrings/ the lone quasar ranger daze y'all for days/ stand against exams of time without studying notes/ sleeping on the Brothers like a Tryptophan overdose/ linear system frozen rope comatose/ trolled so hard info melted the manifold ((system overload))/ hacked to pieces tapping keystrokes/ transport knowledge like xylem and phloem pilots/ ending the borrowed space-time the waste occupying/ modifying the script
riff, the truth on some Boolean shit
Spirit /Hack/ Data/ Fiend